Runtime error : Failed resolution of : Landroid /support/design/widget/AppBarLayout$LayoutParams

I am facing this error after update kodular.
Help me to fix this error.

It is due to the inappropriate extension used in Fenix update. Show us the extension you are using in this app. You will be in situation to recast it, inorder to make the extension to work in Fenix

Here are the extensions that I used…

Spreadsheet Extension, Exo Player, CollinTreeListView & CollinTreeListViewElement Extensions are not causing this error !!

Try removing other extensions one by one to check which extension is causing error


Recast your aia directly (Recommended)


@Anu10 Thanks i will check it.

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@kweng there must be error caused by one or more of animation extensions so check all your extensions which you are using for showing animations

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You’re using a lot of outdated extensions, I recommend looking for new ones.


Thanks all i will try to update all extension.