Runtime error: Unable to add window - token ... is not valid, is your activity running?

Webview component uses.
this app i create website to apk, when click to button
load website after show this error. how to fix this

Hello @bidush8155 ,
Please specify your problem ?

Upload the image again

Do a search Search results for 'Add window token ' - Kodular Community

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which image?this app convert to website…but sti show this error

this app conected to a website with webview.but still show this erorr

no post about this topic :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

Search again Search results for 'Add window -- token ' - Kodular Community

I believe it has to do with not closing correctly screens


when im click my app any button then show this error

How many screens do you have ? Show an image of your blocks so someone can help you


i think problem is notifire, bcz when delete notifire then not show this error

Can we get an answer to this



In order for the notifier to work properly, you must change the screen properly

@dora_paz already suggested that

how to close curretly screen?? any block?

its was totally kodular bugs…now im delete old notifire 1 and then put new notifire (2) and set all block same… problems fixed :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:

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That’s why you’re always suggested to try fixing problems at your own. If you fail, then come to community for a solution.

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