Runtime Error Unable to add windows and other notifier actions not work

Describe your issue

I know how to switch screens and rechecked my blocks

Screen1 block for open Soru screen


And here Soru screen blocks for close screen

I know there is a thread related this bug

I opened Soru screen then closed it.Opened sidebar and clicked button.

Its not respond.Choose dialog does not seem.There is another button on Screen1.When i click it its display progress bar.But when i click it here result

Android version

Android 8 Mi6

Found problem source.I need use tripleHunter method for swtiching screens.I use manager screen method before this problem


To Kodular team.
Please fix notifier component for users who usee manager screen method.Its recommed method for switching screens.TripleHunter method has some disadvantage.Like when screen1 opened I need call admod load rewarded when triplehunter close screen1 its need reload.So if user not in the screen1 more than ad load time unable see add button.

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