Runtime error while using pdf view extension by deephost and activity starter not working for viewing pdf

I am also facing same problem

I guess not, because you were not developing your own extension
please start your own thread and provide more information about your issue
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When I was using pdf viewer extension of deep host, I also had the same error.

Post some screenshots about what are you saying.

I am getting this error can anyone help me

Also I have tried with activity starter to view pdf files but it’s working only in companion not in real devices.
is bug in active starter.
Should I Create other post about activity starter bug?
can anyone give me alternative way to view pdf file. or we can’t make pdf viewer app in kodular ? :thinking:

blocks (16)

this is because another app, which has been started using the activity starter will not be able to read files from the assets of your app

How to view a pdf document


also this method is not working :thinking:

and you find the answer why it is not working also in that thread…


so can you please help help me how can I show pdf without using extension, or can you give me aia file​:neutral_face:

Show us your blocks, because this are wrong


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it does not look loke you followed the previous link?

How to view a pdf document


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I again corrected my blocks and then tested the apk but did not work.

I checked that website, there are 2 ways to view the PDF, I have tried the first method which is not working.
And there is another method that does not work offline.

it is
can you see the 3 slashes?

blocks (20)
Now I think all the blocks are correct but still not working

I feel that we cannot create PDF application in kodular. Because I have been trying for 2 days,I am tired Now. :unamused:

which error message do you get?

I am not getting any error. and when I test it in companion then it works perfectly

do you use a custom package name?
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