Runtime Exception: Unable to start activity

Been programming one of my most important apps in kodular for almost 6 months, this app took a lot of work, effort and learning. But currently I feel like all of this was scrapped.

Today exporting my apk from kodular I realized that pressing buttons my application closed and reported an error, at that time I thought that the apk had been exported wrong or something. Then when I retested my app directly it didn’t work anymore. When you tried to register or open it it already closed automatically. Until yesterday it worked perfectly for me and I didn’t make any modifications, but today nothing was working. Please, I need help immediately, I don’t know what to do and if this is not solved directly I will stop betting my trust in kodular and I will think that in this platform you can do almost what you propose.


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Please, I need someone’s help !! I don’t want a project where it takes so long to be thrown away like this, on the other hand I am angry with kodular because when these things happen or many other errors within the platform it makes me think that kodular is a platform to make simple applications and I know it is not So. : frowning: thanks

looks like answer is in the error message.


Disable all the blocks and then slowly enable each one in order of screen initalise until the error appears

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still the same :frowning:

You you should’ve really done incremental exports and tests on your device. It’s not advisable to design 6 months without testing the exported app.


So it seems like you never had an error before. This things happen all the time when programming in any language. You just have to find the source of the problem and fix it. Frustration is understandable but accusing the platform of being bad just because you don’t know how to solve your errors is a little harsh, don’t you think?


You are right, it was Momonto’s frustration, after almost a month I was able to solve it, sorry for Kodular

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I do that every time I update it :guiño:

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