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You need to cd into the generated extension’s directory and not the directory named “extension”, which in your case is “demo”. Its clearly mentioned there in the terminal.


ok you were successful

I can get the .aix file here?

Great effort


What do you exactly mean? The AIX file for your extension is produced when you build using rush build.

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Please make a full setup video tutorial & show how to make extension with Rush, how is Java looking?


it was pretty simple once you understand

  1. download zip
  2. unzip zip
  3. in the system variable add the path to the bin folder inside the rush folder
  4. make a folder completely separated from the rush folder
  5. gitbash there and type `rush create “project name” and click enter
  6. now it will ask you for package name, author, version etc. just keep writing all those things
  7. now you can see the folder where you gitbashed now you can go to the folder click on src then keep going in the folder then you will see java file
  8. edit the java file or let it stay there [by default there is a sample code]
  9. exit the folder and then gitbash and type rush build
  10. now go to the folder again check the out folder you will see your extension ready


What to do when we have to add external library or dependencies??

@Akshat_Rana, this is already mentioned in the first post. Please have a look.

Is it right

You only need to add it to the “deps” folder.

PS: AARs are not fully supported by App Inventor currently. You might want to read this thread.

Ok and i also do not change its name from aar to jar…

Ok done but getting this

required import statement is :- com.github.mikephil.charting.animation

Right click on classes.jar and then click “Add as library”.

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Thankyou so much done…

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Kudos and thanks to @Shreyash for this brilliant opportunity to create extensions. I had a few minor issues at the beginning (like some here) but he solved all of them perfectly.
Extension (aix) was created. Thanks again!


For everyone who may be a beginner, or doesn’t know how to start a new Rush project, no need to fear!


What do you need to implement it on MacOS? I can support you with that!


Nothing much, just a Mac machine. I was going to set up a CI pipeline for it soon, but nvm.