SAF: App Inventor implementation of Storage Access Framework

Those methods always return false for asd.
Try this way of copying files:

Hello, is it able to copy files in others app dir?

I guess it is possible.

@Shreyaa can help you with it.

How to fix it? :thinking:

My Blocks :grimacing:


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After getting uri, copy document to asd and then you can access file with path.

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Thanks for your valuable reply Siir - Great extension ever

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Thanks for extension, I will try it as soon as possible :wave:

I am very grateful, this extension really helped me

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hi help me

which blocks can do like this using saf extension

Please check this post:

Though a straightforward answer will be no, you can’t make user pick subdir of /Android/data .

I also want to do like this.

Can you create any extension for it.

Or any way to do like this

I will donate you 20$ please make any extension for this :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::sob::sob::sob:

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I dig a little deeper and found that I was wrong all the time.
I take my words back. :grin:

I have checked the video.

So can it auto pick Android/data folder

You can’t get access to all ASDs at once. But you can get access to asd of a particular app at a time.
Tested in Android 13.

I want to paste config file in com.freefiremax.dth

In Android/data

Can it work

Yes it will work.
You can check the apk and find if it is able to get files list from there or not.

Zarchiver paste folder to access android/data

Can we do this type

Which Android version?
And, isn’t access to asd of one enough? You can let user give you access to asd of other apps one by one.

11 version