SAF: App Inventor implementation of Storage Access Framework

I am understanding the concept.
Can i create folder they way you create document in your example 2

My requirement is to create folder inside the Document folder after giving permission to the Document folder

The file component is not able to create that

Yes, you just need to set correct mime type and then you will get folder uri in DocumentCreated event.

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I am on a app which copy data from whatsapp document folder which nowdays in Android/media

Is it anyhow to copy document from there
I know you have mentioned above but is there other way

here is my block

i was trying to access this


this path is other app not my app

like file manager have access to other app-specific directory

but when i call .OpenDocumentTree block it show the /storage/emulated/0/

I guess it is possible to access /Android/media dir.

You can’t access this path.

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i have doubt other app like ZArchiver can access it So :thinking: what did their done for accessing it ??

Well, hacks are available but they are temporary and can stop working any time.

Great Job buddy
It is one of the best contribution to the community
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:sweat_smile: can you made it please if possible

Yes @vknow360 can do this but i think then some crazy hackers can use that in illegal way also as the extension will have full access to storage so anything can be installed /done even etc :thinking:

Note :- i am not pro in this :sweat_smile: so please correct me if i am wrong :pray:

no , storage access framework - How do some apps reach the contents of ".../Android/..." sub-folders on Android 11 without root? - Stack Overflow

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can i make this type of app using this extension for all android version.`
include feature
1)pdf download to user device
2)while pdf is downloading then show progress bar


yes you can do

which block should i use ?bcz i do not understand where is dowload block

please help

Try yourself and get to know because you can’t be dependent on extension to all the tasks for you.
And please don’t start to spam.

i tried can u tell me why not showing file size

I think documentUri should be file storage path not an online URL.

it means this extension only for offline documents ?

Well, the extension is made to work with storage files not with online files

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