SAF: App Inventor implementation of Storage Access Framework

I want it working in 11,12,13 only

And it does work. :grinning:

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Ys in my Android 11 it’s working

Now let me download free fire game and I’ll test on it. Today

And reply

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hi help me please

I am Trying to upload Audio to Cloudinary
But it return to media uploaded to cloudinary
What is wrong with me?

Here are my Blocks

Upload block expects a file path while GotUri event return content uri.
Use FileTools extension to convert uri into path.
However you don’t SAF to pick media files, you can do it with Activity Starter.

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Ok let me Try

Thanks Very Much Live Long @vknow360

The solution is working perfectly :grin:

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ChangeLog Version 1.2

New Blocks


  • Minor internal changes to increase reading and writing speed
  • Works more efficiently now

com.sunny.saf.aix (26.8 KB)

wow… that was nice. I have to implement with SAF on my designer app so I can save my created titles to SD Card! So happy and see to granting permission to SD Card! I explore it last day and looks like I need to implement it

So you have any issue or need help?

I don’t know how to use it but I read all your articles in the first post. :grin: