Same php page but some device results Error

I use my own php and mysql for my database, but today I find a strange thing.

For a same php page, when I use my phone (Android 9) to post text to it, it can give back correct results, but when I post text on a Android 4.4.4 device, it gives a Error 1103.

I have checked that each device have a good network connection, and if I “Get” my php page, each device can give back correct results. It seem that only “post” has this strange bug.

I don’t know why this will happen, of anybody know what happened, please help me, thanks

Maybe :

  • close This close connection directive indicates that the client wants to close the connection after sending the response message. In HTTP 1.0, by default, the connection gets closed. But in HTTP 1.1, you need to include it in the header if you want your connection to close.