Save a selection

try this…


TEST_MEMOIRE_Fixed.aia (4.4 KB)

thank you for this

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Do you need further help?

another question instead of listview, I prefer to use “listview image and text”, my problem is that in “listview image and text” I don’t have “set listview image and text—> selection” how to do thank you

You have to use add item to list block.

how to add this item in the list? to make listview image and text work

Show what you have tried so far. It’s not that difficult.

instead of listview as before, I want to use listview image and text, but it doesn’t work the same way.
I don’t have a listview element , I don’t have a listview selection , how to replace them to keep the elements in memory at the same time.

Instead of selection, you have to use onClick Event. And instead of elements, you need to use add item to list function block like i said before.

If you still need help,
I’ll help you with the blocks when i gets home.

ok thank you, well I managed to make it work again, but now it no longer saves the selection

blocks (3)
blocks (4)
blocks (5)
blocks (6)

send aia i’ll fix it for you. :sweat_smile:

TEST_MEMOIRE2.aia (31.6 KB)
thank you

hello i still don’t have an answer

Remove the if condition. …

And ask yourself: what is the purpose of the value if tag not there socket?


it didn’t change anything (to have removed if then and moved)

What about providing an updated screenshot of your relevant blocks then?
Also explain what happens and what you want to happen instead

I would like my selection to remain saved, as in line 14 but instead of listview we have listview image and text

blocks (6)

what is line 14?
And where do you set global variable Selection?


in fact I would like to realize like the reply 41 , but with listview image and text.I do not know how to make a selection alone