Save data to another project bucket

Hello people
I have this block, which saves data of patients admitted to a particular hospital.
But it turns out that when I save the patient, he saves out of the project bucket.
I would like him to save inside a bucket of projects written PATIENTS. How do I do that?

I would like these tags installed inside a project package (PATIENTS)

set firebase bucket in bucket, like hospitals/inner bucket/inner bucket
with / you can create bucket in bucket

I would like to create a project bucket outside the project bucket (HOSPITALS)

then simply set project bucket to Patients, instead of list selection

Check it out: I want you to keep selecting hospitals from the drop-down list, but when you save, store it in another project bucket.

you are selecting a hospital, then select project bucket to Patients/list selection
then it will create a new bucket for Patients and inside that another with name of hospital so you know which hospital patient is entered

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use this

blocks - 2019-12-09T232019.952

instead of

blocks - 2019-12-09T232018.128

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Everything worked. Thanks again friend.


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