Save fingerprints with Fingerprint and login

Hi guys, I would like to know how I can register a fingerprint with Fingerprint and save it in Firebase, to login later with that fingerprint.

Why would you want to save fingerprint in firebase? It’s stored on your phone probably heavily encrypted and you can use it any time. No point to store it on the cloud even if you could access it.

You know where I can get an extension where it allows me to register fingerprints, and then use them as an identifier. I want to make an application where a business staff registered their attendance through their fingerprint, I tried to use it with a code, but the system may be compromised when a worker tells the code to the other person and thus can record the arrival time not being that person different from the one who should be registered.

As both @72erdelyi and @Manbir have said, or at least implied, you cannot store fingerprint data. However you can use extensions like Biometric that will fallback to methods other than fingerprint for devices that can’t scan fingerprints.

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