Save images in assets or folder

Hi, I have an application that has some images, my question is: it is better to save the images in assets or create a zip and save them in a directory.

When you have to open the images it is better if you open them from assets or from a directory, which of the 2 options occupies more rams …?

as you would according to your experience…?

I changed your title. It was not as we would like to see it on the community.


it doesn’t matter…
but if you don’t want the images be accessible by anyone, then store them in the assets


there is no difference, as it occupies more ram, it would be the same, because I want it to occupy as little as possible

But sir if we extract apk everything in assets are still accessible

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yes, users which use rooted devices have more options and as app developer you will not be able to prevent this

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yes assets directly comes in gallery

a correct statement would be: the assets you are using in your projects will be shown only in the gallery of your development device, because these are stored in directory /Makeroid to be used for the companion app