Save Login Details in Webviewer


How can I save username and password in Webviewer login page? As we see, Google chrome asks to save the login data or ask to us choose previous login data when log in again.

How can I achieve this in Webviewer?

Thanks in advance!

your idea is good but i think it is not possible still in makeroid

Have you tried

No. Not yet. I think It’s not possible for now.

in case your webpage uses JavaScript, you could create your own login screen in Kodular and inject username and password into that webpage… see an example here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Inject | Pura Vida Apps



Use cookies If you have your own website.
Save your username and password in cookies and then next time user opens the page it will automatically fetch the data for you.

Below is the image of custom website login page of one of my website and it uses cookies to save id and password.


Thank you @techcvr for the help.

I know that if website offer cookies to save the data then remembering the login data could be easier but most of the websites don’t offer this cookies option and we needed a solution for this.

I hope you understand my point.


How save email and password page login firebase authentication textbox ? If want login again choice email n password help me solution…

for website - use cookies to save username and password

for app - use tinydb component to store username and password

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