Save push notifications in app

Hi Guys, I’m trying to create a resource to write as notifications, press the entries received for later reading (tinydb + firebase) and open as changes to a screen in the application. Could someone help me?

A few days ago reading manuals, watching videos, searching forums, trying all the ways to get it and you say I have to read something before asking? Now, if you don’t know the answer or don’t want to help, better not say anything about it

You’re asking asking for help and when someone tries to help you give an extremely cheeky response. It makes it difficult for people to help you.

Now if you want help go read the topic from post #2 and follow the instructions in it.

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I was not rude. My text was translated from Portuguese to English by Google translate, so any impolite word was a translation error. I apologize if it was offensive to anyone. I just reiterate, I asked a question, if someone tells you to study first before asking without even knowing beforehand who the person is and what they have been doing to solve the problem, this is impolite and a lack of great brotherhood. I congratulate those who come here to help.

I don’t think so. Google translate will not convert polite words into impolites, Google Translate is a program that just translates. And also in Kodular Community itself, it doesn’t allows words such as d***, sh*t and others.


So don’t point to others with your finger, please.

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Hi, i pointed you to the topic because your topic wasn’t very clear to me. After that you gave more information but what you didn’t do was to show what you have tried.

You make a topic to get help. If your question is not clear or not complete with as much info as possible i give you a link on what to think about when asking a question. It is to help you not to offend you.

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Yes, it is possible to store push messages on the phone and be viewed through a listview. Whoever taught me that didn’t ask me anything, just wanted to help … A hug (translated from google translate )

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