Saving list to Firebase > getting string

Hi guys!
I’m stuck at a problem with Firebase and Kodular…
It’s like this:

I have a VALUE as list>
I use STORE to Firebase>
I get that VALUE from Firebase and it sends me a STRING.

The real question is: How can I save list format in Firebase then get the list from Firebase?

this is what is saves on Firebase:
Screenshot 2022-12-23 210129

And I want to get this as a LIST, then UPDATE this text (in app) and SAVE it again as a LIST and so on…

Thank you very much!

you want to store multiple values inside one tag…?

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I have one TAG, in this case it is “FAVORITES”.
Inside FAVORITES i would like to store: “aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff” (multiple values).

My question is:
How can I upload to Firebase values like this:
Firebase editing mode:
Screenshot 2022-12-25 150404

but not like this:
nor(as it saves now)
Screenshot 2022-12-23 210129
or any other format

Ok, I’m noob!

You don’t have to save that format on Firebase because you can transform it.

  1. You get data as it is from Firebase: [“value1”,“value2”,…] - string_format
  2. Some check is list_empty then create empty_list
  3. If list !empty then convert your string to a list by segmenting
    the text (delete [ and ] so you have “value1”,“value2”… (exactly what list from CSV row text requires).
  4. Now you have a list: (value1 value2 value 3 … …) and you can add values, remove, etc.
  5. Save it normally and it will save as a list_format on Firebase

You can close this topic!

You can always use the JsonTextDecode block in the Web component to convert a JSON string like ["test", 123] to an App Inventor value. It does all the job, and you do not need to deal with the strings.