Screen 1 crashing... why?

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I have made an app with on Screen 1 an horizontal scroll arrangement with 24 horizontal arrangement in witch one 6 buttons to click.
Last week i was finishing 18 horizontal arrangement and it worked well. Since i added the 6 last HO my application doesn’t open it crashes directly.
I also added a Screen (I have 6 screen at total) and now the app is finished

Is it really a problem of Screen 1 when it crashes directly or it can be something else ? The 6th screen ?

Can it help to do Screen 1 as a H scrolling and directly put my 144 buttons inside without HO ?

How can i solve it ?

Thank you very much for your help

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The problem may be how you switch the screens. It is very important that you close the current screen if you open another screen. Read this:

Screen 1 (menu) doesn’t open at all…

This is how is my Screen 1 :

I’ve tried several things. The only thing that worked was to delete 20 buttons (maybe a number of button max for one screen ??

what about reusing your components?
DRY - Don’t repeat yourself