Screen Get Stuck Or Frized After Loading 2-3 Image In Custome List View

Hello Koder’s i need help in my project actlully i made a app like facebook . Where User Can Post images and follow, comment, like to other people post . this app database made with MySQL .So Problem Is When I just Call User_Feed Table (Where all user post have ) the list i get perfect not Stuck
Custome_List_Style.apk (5.7 MB)

.But If I Query like this …

Get Data from like table where user like post get store so when list come the like button gets black to blue
This work like that

Check like table for current user likes post means which post user like so i changed the color of a like button in list view .

after get the result i store the image id which user liked it for verifying in list view
so after that i call user feed table for get all user post .

Now the real problem come screen got frized or stuck and its take lots of time to respond …but i load only user feed data in list view not problem occar .

Please help me. I have tried lost of method but not working

your blocks are a nightmare…

how should anybody be able to help you with this?

just a general advice: KISS - keep it simple, stupid

try to break the problem into pieces… try to solve the pieces step by step… how large are the images? you might want to prepare a simple project to better understand the issues you are experiencing…


thank you giving your valuable feedback . but i found the solution just add a 1 sec timer after check follow table data…now its not get stuck .i always follow this path “break the problem into pieces”.

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