Screen importing failed

Hi Koder,
When i try to import screen from from my another project it doesn’t import.
What will be the reason?

We are no wizards or?

What are u saying…
Give my answer… I didnt able to import screen

The info isn’t complete which makes it hard to get into your problem. Describe the problem exactly with any error message/screenshots

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I have 2 projects and when i import screen to from one project to another the screen is not importing and any other screen is importing.

If i export screen1 and import it in my another project the screen2 is importing there…
Screen1 is not importing…

Are you sure you exported screen 1 of your app and not screen 2?
And if yes then try it by changing the name of screen and refreshing the creator

Yes i had export screen 1 only but when i import it in another project it imported screen 2…
Is this any error

Try changing the name of screen

How to change name of the screen?

Create empty project and import screen there and see if the problem occurs

Why i create empty project to check… I want to import that screen only

Because you want help and others are helping you. I think you should change your attitude here on the forum. This is not how we want our users to behave.

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I m very loyal and good but ppls here are not understand others problem. Why they are asking to do himself.

If i know how to do then why i m here??

If you create empty project and if even there you get this problem then it will have chances of a bug, to confirm it ,it was said to do

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I am also facing same issue.

I import 1 screen from another project. And it is showing errors and not opening the designer section of that screen. And also I am not able to export the apk.

So I tried to delete that screen through exporting aia after making it to zip file. But after that when I reuploaded the aia to kodular it is showing that please import valid aia file.

So I created new project and imported all the extension that I used in that project. Then tried to import the screen from the previous projects but it is not importing. The page gets refreshed and screen is not importing.

Some body please help me.:pray::pray::pray:

No need to create a zip file, or rename aia to zip. See

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