Screen is Blinking

Dear Creators,

When I press the back button of the 1st screen to exit the application, the mobile screen is blinking for 3/4 times and application has been crashed.
Help me to solve this please.


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It is because you are not switching screens correctly.

Edit: To exit application, use close application block available under control section.

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As ur comment, I already used that block.

When Screen1 back pressed >> close application

but its blinking nd blinking nd blinking

Have you checked the link provided by me in the above post?

This is the way what I did. can u tell me plz what is the mistake ??

You didn’t answered my question.

Yss I checked it. But I cannot find my solutions.

This works to make sure that, but there must be other blocks

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Sometimes there’s a need to use some logic.


Thanks I will try.

Show screen 2 blocks

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Thanks for reply

Look at this.


Argh! I’m tired of telling you man you are not switching screens correctly.


If like that, can u tell me what is the right way ??

i think its ur mobile problem

What is the problem with reading?


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