Screen record prevent

This is the one am referring to, the one you did together with cian Disable Screen Capture on Demand . (Snapshot and Recording) - Extensions - AppyBuilder

Unfortunately if I did make this, it would take a while since I’m also working on other extensions at the time.

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Alright, but if you ever get a chance, maybe you could give it a try for me:slightly_smiling_face: thanks:+1:

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We’ll see how long it takes me to take my 3 others.

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It works the same way

@yanquisalexander But i just tested it, and i discovered that i can do a screen record of it’s content:slightly_smiling_face: but i can’t do a screenshot.

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Do you use a phone screen recorder installed by default?

That wouldn’t matter though.

yeah installed by default. it’s an infinix phone

FLAG_SECURE does not work with the manufacturer’s screen recorders (For example in some Samsung that can record Netflix without problem)

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Yeah because what happens is some apps end up putting content in Presentation mode like Snapchat Screenshot things, and it doesn’t tell the app someone took a screenshot or screen recorded.

I see:thinking: so even if it was an extension, it won’t still work?

Are yu using Kodular or AppyBuilder?

The reason I ask is because you have asked this same question on that forum.



Both. I was actually looking for an urgent responds

It’s always the best choice to be patient and wait, so that others don’t ask why you’ve asked on another community.


So you’re making the same app on two different builders? That seems unnecessary.

Am actually doing a test for a project on both app builders, to see which one will be more suitable.

Oh, I see.


This means that the AppyBuilder builder is down and that you can’t build there anyway, so why even bother posting there