Screen Refreshes In a Loop

I am Just Having the problem that my screen is refreshing everytime when i want to open next screen But I cannot Find out the Fault Can You help me out?

Can you post your Blocks rather than showing them in the video because I can’t see it completely

Do you mean you can switch screens on creator.kodular or on the companion?
If creator.kodular is the case, go to Project and click on Save Project


It would be great if you can correct the spelling of “Screem” to “Screen”

No when I export apk and run it on mobile then all this happen as I have Shown in the Video it is automatically Looping.

Can you show your APK video

Show the APK video as the problem is in that

I had Sent it to You in a Private Message and it uploaded in the question also

I am asking about the APK video, not Project Video.
Because you have a problem with APK.

Have you used any clock component when screen initialize ?
If yes, set clock enabled to false when clock timer completes.

no I didn’t