Screen rotation automatically

Hello everyone
Facing another problem post apk export
My entire app all pages are portrait mode.
But when I open the app.
If my device is landscape position it will automatically diverted to landscape therefore my web view look mismatch screen, long space between web view and button.

Kindly suggest

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Once again, either search the forum or show what what you have tried. People on here aren’t mind readers.

Yes same problem here too :smiling_face_with_tear:

Anyone have any idea how fix this bug ?

You can add the blocks by going to the block section in such a way that the screen is controlled, it will solve the issue @IPower_Media I hope

I have no idea what block need to use as previously I never did anything because I never face this… this is first time I’m facing…

Still i tried with screen size portrait in block.
Can you share the blocks

There is no solution other than waiting for the bug to be fixed…

…or trying the workarounds suggested in this post.

@KodularCreator Please fix this bug as soon as possible. it’s too much annoying .

This behavior also exists in MIT, so if there is something that needs to be fixed, it is from MIT’s side that it must be fixed first…


Hi Boban,
This issue is still exist and sometime app is getting crashed because of rotation

use this free xtension