Screen show outside of mockup design in mozila firefox

when i use in chrome then screen is inside but when i use in mozila then screen show outside . Is it ok ?

In Chrome

In mozila

It is OK, it won’t change anything. At the moment I can not test beta version, but maybe one of @ProKoders can confirm is the mockup still has the bug in newer version. I think it has been already fixed.
(In next larger update)


@Vishwas Can you take a look if this is fixed?

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It’s fixed :wink:


show again

Yes there are few differences in using Kodular on Chrome and Firefox.
It can be bug in Kodular design or browser display functions.

Are you so disturbed by it that it is 1- 2mm outside


No i all the time using chrome i open this topic bcj i just wanaa inform this is bug or not thats it
I dont have any problem

The issue has been fixed. The fix will be online in the next version.


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