Screen switch lag

In my app, there are 75+ images on the second screen. And I’ve to set the source of each image from local device storage. So, I’ve used Set Image.picture to block for each image. When I switch from first screen to second screen, it takes time (around 2.5 seconds) to switch which is really annoying.
How can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

Don’t use so many images :slight_smile:

I’ve to use those images, it’s really important. :sweat_smile:

I suggest you load them as the user scrolls then.

I thought that too. But, due to some reasons, I’ve to load them at once.

Do you feel that you are at liberty to discuss what the reasons are?

Hmm, but I cannot really discuss the reasons. Sorry.

You can try to use the concept of Virtual Screens.

Keep two vertical arrangments in the same screen, and set the visibilty of the vertical arrangements to change the view.

More info: Building Apps with Many Screens

Yes, I’m curious too, as 75 images are unlikely to be instantly displayed on one screen at the same time. So don’t show these images until they’re needed (actually are displayed).

I don’t think that problem can be solved by virtual screens, because the same problem arises, namely to call up 75 images at the same time.

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Thanks for the idea but that won’t solve the issue, because then the first screen will take lot of time to open/load.

Exactly what I said.

If you display a spinner on your second screen, and then when it opened, start looking through the images… You should be good to go. The spinner shouldn’t lag, but make sure there’s at least a 1 second delay before the loop starts after the screen is initialized so that it doesn’t lag when opening.

Coincidentally, when you posted this, I was already working with that idea. :smiley:
Anyway, thanks!

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