Screen switching not working in notifier

Hey kodars

I have a an error about screen switching not working.

Screenshot (84)

In screenName you have to add “Payment” without “do result”, if you also want to close the sceen you can try this method :point_right: HERE

It should work, please post a screenshot where you set notifier dialog. @Raffaele_Gold this is also another correct way to switch screens that works also in companion

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Yes, but only if the Notifier is used in Screen1. On all other screens the screen must be closed while switching to onother screen (including switching to Screen1).


Which error?

  1. Make sure with correct choice, it should match
  2. Make sure with screen name

Cross check both the fields twice and try onceagain

When screen initialize than custom notifier will create.

At screen initialization I am creating notifier


I have also tried with do block…but not working…

Use custom Dialog Selection block not after choosing block



Ok dora i am replacing my blocks… Thanks…

Thank you dora it is working good now. :+1:

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You are welcome. Since problem solved mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help others

Already Mark :+1:


I am marking @dora_paz’s reply as solution as I didn’t see any solution marked by you


@ Vaibhav

I have marked this reply

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You marked it later as when I saw, it wasn’t there. Hence I marked it. But thanks for marking the solution


May be it was a mistake but every time i marks that reply which has the solution. Thanks for correcting my mistake.

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Why to use do result blocck here?

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