Screen1 and Screen2

I have a Screen1 and a Screen2. When I start the project at Initialize Screen1, I want to put an If. If the global variable = 0, then puts the Global Variant = 1 and Incia Screen2, otherwise it remains in Screen1.How should I do this?
Do I need to use TinyDB for this? If so, how should I assemble the blocks?

This is an opening screen that I want to put in the project, to appear only when the client enters. If the app is loaded then it will not enter Scrren2, but if the app is booting, then it enters Screen2 and it shows the opening with timer. I need to put the condition to know if it enters Screen2 or not. I could by this opening screen as screen1, but the project is ready and I do not want to change the screens. So I want to make that detour.

Does the another screen only contain the loading? In that case it wouldn’t be hard to reproduce that on the main screen using arrangements visiblity so the app runs smoother.