Screen1 may direct to any of 3(or 200) screens. How to do it?

Hello, sorry if this question has been answered before, I searched for answers and didn’t find any.
my app has a screen1 that shows the logo for 3 sec (that part I did) then this screen may direct to any of the following:
to a signin screen if the user is using the app for the first time;
to a streak counter screen if the user is using the app for the first time in 24hs;
if the user already used the app in the last 24hs then screen1 directs to a different page based of the day he is in in the streak;

Can someone in this fine community help me out on how to do this, and if I may ask for another favor can someone provide me some free tutorials textbooks or videos that are in English?

Use the Clock component to get the time. Whenever the user exits the app, save the time in a TinyDB.
When you launch, see if the last time used is there. If not, open the sign in screen.

If the current time minus last time is greater than 24 hours, open the streak counter screen. If it is less, open the other page. (Consider adding an option in settings to turn off the streak counter on open, it could be annoying if you multitask a lot).

And for the tutorials, I don’t know a lot, but you can always try out the Kodular Docs.

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Thanks for the reply. My concern is that the streak and the screen you’re directed to change every day, how do I make sure the user is directed to the correct day counter, or to the screen he should be seeing on his streak.

I am a complete beginner so I have no idea how to do that

You shouldn’t litter up your project with unused screens. You can pass data with the open screen with value block, and when the screen initializes use the get start value block and use the change text block. You don’t want your app to become unusable because of too many screens.