Scroll Arrangement in Scroll Arrangement

Is it possible to be able to scroll any Scroll Arrangement which is inside a Scroll Arrangement?

Let’s suppose there is a Scroll Arrangement number 1 inside a different Scroll Arrangement number 2.
It’s impossible for an user to scroll the Scroll Arrangement number 1, because all the focus is transferred to Vertical Arrangement number 2?

I can’t finy any property for the object to shutdown scrolling ability.

Found an answer which is not optimistic. It requires NestedScrollView Class:


Kodular doesn’t support it.

You may want to have a look here at CollinTree Scroll Arrangement Handlers.

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I already use that extension. It seems like it can’t fix my problem. Users interaction like drag or touch only apply to parrent View. A Scroll View in a Scroll View is like having some arrangements in CardView with “Full Clickable” enabled.

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