ScrollHandler: Handle the scroll of scroll views

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Whats Wrong Here ?


direction ~ int

Left = 17
Right = 66
Top = 33
Bottom = 130

Read the documentation :point_right:


Thank you @vknow360 for this amazing extension :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Why its showing me only zero everytime



it fires both OnVTouchUp and OnVTouchDown event when touching up or down.

Touch Up - it’s when you touch the component
Touch Down - it’s when you remove the touch from the component

Touch Up and Touch Down events are very sensitive, even small unnoticeable movement triggers them.

Thank you everyone for appreciation. :hugs:

I shall check that.

See here:

The scroll view is probably empty.

Both events are highly sensitive and connected to each other.
@ADDYLIN is correct.


how to check if user has reached bottom in a VSA

On Scroll Change check if position is equal to MaxScrollPosition or not.
Similarly, if it it greater then it tells that view has been over scrolled.

I have tried to keep it simple as it can be so I tried to avoid to add un-necessary blocks.

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how to scroll to a specific position for vertical scroll. Please help me…

You can use scroll by or scroll to block to scroll to a specific position

hello friends … anyone know how to use this extension to make a tablayout? obviously without using the tablayout kodular plugin.

MaxScrollPosition always return value 0 . Please ans …

same problem

vknow360 is no longer active in the community, so it is useless to report problems here.
You could contact him on his website:

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can you attach the new updated aix?

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Don’t share direct extension unless you are the Developer.
You can shre the link of the page.

Gdrive link - com.sunny.ScrollHandler.aix - Google Drive

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Hi. If @vknow360 is not here anymore, please someone can help me. I have a vertical scroll arrangement where dynamic buttons are created when a “create” button is clicked.
I added the VFullScroll procedure to the when “create” is clicked, and it gets to the bottom of the vsa but the last created buttom is not showed, the scroll reach the top of this last buttom.
What I’m doing wrong?