Search box that display my kodular screens then move to that specific screen

Hi. I need some help in creating a search box for my project. kindly new to creating a searchbox. the search box i saw on google while search only display the text when you press it. is it possible to create a search box that consist of my screens in kodular and when i press on it. it will automatically go to that specific screen?

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Can you please tell in simple words what you want to create or just give image of what type of text box you want to create i will help you thanks

A dictionary would be useful for that. You could use a picker or spinner as the “search” and use the list of keys for the elements. Then open the screen name (as the value of the key) when a screen is selected. That way you don’t need to use the actual screen names in your app in the UI.

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I think @Thesis_Lang is a beginner so please give him full guide of images point by point or don’t give so complications as i was also beginner one time and i was not able to do any logic just by reading as i was not having full knowledge about that particular component and was searching all on internet and sometimes i didn’t got any solution so please give full explanation with knowledge to the beginners. Thank you @GaryH

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I would be happy to… I have found that there is benefit to being pointed in the right direction and not just shown the answer though. I made a quick example…

Use a dictionary like this to store your screen names

This would use a list of the keys as the elements in the spinner/picker (which ever one you decide to go with)…

This should check the selection against the dictionary and open the matching screen if it’s there and would be placed in the after selecting function of the spinner or the picker.


Also, using a spinner has extra options like using the first option as a prompt for the spinner (which is how I use them) and you could just set up the list with a single entry that will be used as the prompt instead of an empty list.

@GaryH Very Nice a big Thumbs Up :+1: for you :heart::heart::heart:

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I actually rethought it and assigning the elements should come AFTER the dictionary loop. During the for loop will assign the elements with each pass, and that’s unnecessary.

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Yes but the big thing is you made the solution

Yes, but I want to make sure that I corrected that bit for optimization.

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Thank you. i was a total beginner that trying to explain what i need. As i was not familiar with the specifics of kodular as of yet. But totally enjoying using kodular itself. The community was very helpful but sometimes searching what’s on my mind definitely not bearing any fruit like my question.

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Thanks Yes kodular is very Much exciting I also loves to explore new concepts and components of kodular and other builders too but I use only kodular .:blush::blush::blush: And if you face any kind of problem in future just post it to the community

I completely understand. It can be difficult to search the community to find answers to specific questions. The community does encourage trying to find the solution yourself before asking though, which is why my initial answer was more of a nudge in the right direction.

I’ve been using Kodular (and Appy Builder before that) for a number of years developing a company app for my field technicians to submit information to the office from company devices. Feel free to ask me questions and I’ll answer what I can.

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