Search in dynamic cardview

I want to add search option in dynamic cardview.
When text changed in textbox, i have to view cardviews that matches to search text. I have created blocks as below. But it giving list too large error…


Your cardviews must have something in it right?

Yes. Cardview contains usernames.

This work for me on List View

blocks (13)

Replace global Grilla_Comp by global username and List View by Dynamic Card View

I tried still not works

Any one used search function with dynamic card views, please share its blocks here…

I have made it but it will be confusing that why u need to tell apart from usernames what else r u storing in cardviews and share the compete blocks for the cardview thing

Can you share it?

I had deleted it a month ago as it wasn’t any use to me

Is there anything else apart from the usernames in the cardviews? And to search for any username you must use index in list thing block like when user searches for any name then after search the text of the textbox in compared in the list of it exists you can show them the card views which contain the name

I didn’t understand what you saying. Below is full blocks. Check it

just a question, are your usernames coming inside the cardviews like can you send how the app looks when downloaded or in live testing?

I found a mistake in your code in your on text changed method you have just applied the upper case block to only textbox text you should apply it yo the item block too

I have tried as you said. Still same problems

Can you show a video what happens when you search?

I can’t find any removeID procedure can you show it’s block … according to me it is causing error

Why are you trying this!! this is not a way to remove IDs ! you need to use for each item block in which the list will be used ids and under the for each item block there should be remove id block whose id will be the item of the for each item block

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