Search List Extension - Find List Item [Extension] [FREE]

Search List Extension - Find List Item [Extension] [FREE]

A very simple extension but it’s very useful and needed extension.

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yo.Jewel.SearchList.aix (7.8 KB)

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Awesome Extension @JAHID :heart_eyes: :crazy_face:
I have only these words for the extension

Useful Extension :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

But is this Same as -

nice extension. :wink:

Very nice! You’ve got everything right, but one thing left.

Extension link maybe?

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thanks for your comment, but it’s return filtered list direct. No need a event for it.

So it’s more simple and easy to use. User can use it dynamically

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it doesn’t matter bru . efforts only matter. :wink:


Oh sorry, I just forget it when typing. Cheek again


Thanks a lot


It’s on now!

Wow. Nice ,

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Suggestion: Make an asynchronous method that do the same job. That’s will be good for large amount of data in lists.


Thanks for your idea!

But I thing it’s enough for loading huge amount data. Because you don’t have to use for each item block.

That’s why it’s very faster and it’s can load huge amount of data

thank you for your contribution…
but why another “only one method” extension?
what about adding this method into your other list extension?



love you dear @Taifun
I have build it for different work, then include old system on it.

This can be done without an extension …

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hey @froniu84a yes we can do it without extension but here we can do it with just one single block

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@froniu84a You don’t have to make huge block for searching operation. After all, I have build this extension for new user.


Hello, I tried your extension and it works great except that it doesn’t return the last item in the list. When you search for any keywords, if it’s only the last item that has it, it returns an empty list.

It’s the same problem as your other extension: Advance Search System Post #2 or Advance Search System Post #16

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I have a problem in listview it shows an element with * list * would I have to hide this element?

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