Search specified tags and get name, phone


I will making an app with specified search to find users in firebase, recruiters can be searching users with specified tags, ex: cities, states, freelancers, phone and more…
Ok, but, how can i get tags and after, get name and cities from user from tags results.

Like this:

1- Search: All freelance users.

2- Search results: a) John Petter
City: Florida US
Phone: +1 555-555
Freelancer: Yes

I need first tag and after, get user name and others tags from first tags in search.

You can store the information as a list and use their phone number as a tag.
Then, call Firebase get tag list.

When Firebase get tag list: (results will be a list of phone numbers that were used as tag)
For each tag: call Firebase get value.
When Firebase get value: add them to a list view.

I recommend you to use MySql which is best for running queries.

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If you know hindi then you can use this video to get your confusion solved or I will help you by creating aia. Pm me for that… @claujs

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Thanks Alapjeet,

I modified the structure in my firebase database to get tags when i set spicified search for each item, like this

You helped me a lot.

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