Searchable function

I am a newbie in coding.
My purpose is to make an app (eg. library book search engine) with following function:
User select some criteria then search which can return a result (eg. search by subject or input a author name)

My question is
Should I use a database, firebase, sql or fusiontable?
How to make a searchable form?

Thanks in advance!

What you could do, is store the author names in Firebase as tags, with a list of their books in the value. When Firebase DataChanged event is triggered, if the tag has the author folder prefix (something like “bucket/authors/”), if the tag is not in a global variable authList, store it there. Right after this, store the list of his/her books in another variable bookList. Thus when an author is selected, you can get the index, and pick the list of that index from the bookList. For the search and select functions, now you can simply use the functions provided in the ListView component. (You’ll need to populate the ListView with the variable’s contents of course)


Thanks a lot!

I will try first. Is there any project if I can use as reference?

I don’t know of any related reference projects, sorry.

Never mind. U already help me a lot. Thanks