Security Alert Found

Today i got security alert for my application. But why they send security alert?
In this alert, they found Unsafe Cryptographic Encryption , I using 32 bit encrypted key for storing user id into tinyDB without using Cryptographic component.
I attach image and link below

Alert Link

Can anyone help me how to fix this issue?

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Arae you using parameter sensor in your app.

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no, i don’t use it never

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ok please tell me the name of components & extension available in your app

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Components : Layout, clock, label, button, notifier, web, list view, tinyDB
Extensions : taifun wifi, colin imei/imei viewer, json tools, KIO4 gradient that’s it.

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Ok there is no extension which creates problem let’s wait for pro koders reply.

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It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


1st block for cheking IMEI via web link

Then store IMEI into TinyDB using 32 sha1 bit encrypted

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Do you set the permission for asking such imei no. n all? @maddevs

You encode data from web thats why alert


Why are you obfuscating a URL?

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Yes, set permission

Are you sure?
I think this is not create problem.

If i want to hide anything in textbox then use obfuscating textbox

And i didn’t understand your logic about storing imei you get anytime if you want to know that users mobile is reset or imei change you simply store imei in tinydb without any encryption.
If want to encrypt just follow Kodular Challenge #4

Yes because there is many free apis which encrypt data but some of these store that details and some injects ransomeware which is encrypts all your data on your pc mobile and asks for money.
For more information kindly search
Ransomeware .cetori and many more

So change this and your problem solved

If you wanna hide something just make it invisible. You’re using more blocks now than if you made it no longer visible.

Okay.i got it.