Security issue according to playstore

I uploaded an app made on Kodular on Playstore and now I saw that there is an alert about a secutity issue there. See the screenshot above:


Security alert

The app has exposed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API keys. Read this Google Help Center article for more details.

Link with an explanation about how to solve the issue:

I didn’t understand it so I don’t even know if I can correct it by myself or only Kodular can do something about it. Anyway I think it is important that others people know about it.

I have no idea which component is causing this alert. Probably some Google Service like firebase… If someone is interested, this is the aia of the app:
QuizTemplate.aia (2,7,MB)


Search before on Community :stuck_out_tongue:


I have searched but not using the lambda keyword. This post didn’t appear on my search. The only useful thing I got was a Peter’s message saying that Kodular Team would take a look but as he is not a member I couldn’t even know for sure that they really did or what was the conclusion.

But anyway, do you really think this solution mean my topic was unecessary? 99% of the people won’t do this. Kodular has 5 milion users. I think they should make somethink that don’t need each person to obfuscate the api key if this bug allow any hacker to get access to critical information


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