See here how to use Firebase with ChatView Component


(Philipp Lang) #21

what i now see is that i get when i start the app :Cannot parse text argument to “list from csv row” as CSV-formatted row
But it works everything fine. But i dont know how to delet thi error because it does not look like good for the user to see that error.

(Choofa) #22

Show your blocks, cuz it has to be something with those, cuz I don’t get that error.

(Philipp Lang) #23

i make a new thread

(Philipp Lang) #24

i made a new thread i hope you can help me because everything what i want works how i want no issue with something but i get this error what does not looks good.

(Ayoub Mounchid) #25

What is google_acc.text?:thinking:

(Philipp Lang) #26

google account

(Choofa) #27

Yes, when my users log into their Google Accounts then this label-text will be the name of Google-Account name.

(Philipp Lang) #28

as i told him but your answer is a bit more detail

(station web) #29

by combining it with pushnotification components, users can get push notification when new messages are sent / received

(Choofa) #30

Was that a question or a suggestion?

(station web) #31

I just want to tell if what you mentioned above about How to Use Firebase with ChatView can also be combined with the pushnotification component.

Say, you have 2 DB firebases,
DB1 stores PlayerID user data
DB2 stores data conversations between users
so, when the user sends a message / chat, after successfully saving the conversation data to DB2 (as you have done with the example above), then search for the intended PlayerID user in DB1, use the system to send push notifications to the intended user

Btw, The example above is a very good example :slight_smile:

(Choofa) #32

Ok, I understand, I think that could work, but I have not tried as I don’t use notifications in my app as this is only a family app with 4 users. But it would be cool to have maybe :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t know if this could work with OneSignal :thinking:

(Developer Tech) #33

I have one question that… :relieved::relieved:
Chat last used it…
Can be same when it comes to different users…
In that it gonna replaced… isn’t it… ???

(Philipp Lang) #34

What i dont understand what you mean if you places a lot of … Please make a complete question.

(Developer Tech) #35

When both user has same last used I’d then ???
What to do ???
The tag will be replaced ??? Isn’t it

(Philipp Lang) #36

sorry i dont know what you mean. maybe another user know what you want. sorry

(Developer Tech) #37

I mean
There are two users…
Ram and Hari

Ram used id is 5 and Hari too
When it is saved as tags…

Then it will use 5 as a tag on both
Either ram value or hari value will be replaced. !

(Philipp Lang) #38

ok but i dont know what you want and sec. i dont know what is a ram value or a hari value . sorry i cannot help you sorry you haveto ask a other people