See here how to use Firebase with ChatView Component

Hey please can i get the aia file of this project

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Cani get aia file please
[email protected]
Please send aia in this email

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hello. no i dont send my project to you, the chat is only one small thing in my app, i develope now since a few month.
And if i send you my project you hae my complete work.
Sorry you have to work with the screenshots.

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Please sir
Give me please

I am not able to work with screens hoot

I have tried once

Please sir I beg you to send chatview with firebase aia




I beg u

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no i dont gie you my project not for 1000 dollar for nothing, you have to learn how you can make a chat. sorry
you can wirte 10100 times please i will not send you my project

you are too lazy for try on you own, i need a week or so till i have it and it was hard work and as i told you the chat is a sall part in my app i dont send it too you. You can pay me 1000 dollar and i will not send you my file, sorry man you hae the screenshots work with that and you have the search function in thios forum .
Try on you own. as i said i need more asa week or so fo the chat which is a sall part in y app.

Sorry man ask another guy maybe they will send it to you.

you tried it one time i tried it 100 times till it works.
you are here since oct last year, you read 2 hours here in that forum and you first post is to ask for a project to ake copy and paste. you have to learn how firebase works and other components,
Why should people send you their work.
I dont like people who came in and ask in their first post for a aia.

OK than
Send me all the screens hoot from login page to home and chat page

Screen shoot of blocks

man i dont send you anything, do you check that or not. i dont send yyou anything, nothing, nada.

Not for 1000$ will i send you my file, no, screenshot, nothing, you have the screenshots here work witth tthatt or not.

I hope you understand now.

You are lazy to look how it can work i hope nobody send you a aia or anything.

People here make hard work to have a chat system and you came like a boy and say: please send e all your files i a to lazy to look how it can work.

Learn how Kodular works and develope on your own you will have no chat.

Show us what you did and tried!!!
I believe you didnt try anything!!


Sorry but I am beginner and you are expert in kodular
From the last 2 week I have started using kodular so I don’t know as much in kodular

You are expert so I need your help

I don’t need aia just I need your help

I will do by my side

Can I get your Facebook ID so that I can communicate and get some help from you regarding Android development

Morning, i am not here to ,make a study hour for you. Look in youtube how to make a chat.
Learn how Kodular works. If you started now you should learn how things works and do not start with a chat. I know you want to make a chat app where you can place some ads and put it into app store to make money.
Thats not the right way.

I amm not a expert here i have spend a lot of time here. I dont know how such things works, but if i need some things i spend my time and try to learn it. I dontt came here like you and try it one time and if it does not work, i dont ask people to give me a aia or a study lession.
I tried ittt for a few days and if it does not work i ask for help.

You are new here as you told so you should learn how things work.

Here you have a lot to study about firebase like i did and thats the start there are a lot of other videos.

Happy learning

If you ask e in 1 or 2 weeks again and you can show e what you tried (and not only one screenshot)
than i /we will help you.
Why did nobody gave you a answer here?
You know the answer!

So now start learning and i wish you good luck.

Can I get your Facebook ID so that I could share my problem with u and get some solution too
Thank u for your thoughts

Please post your problems here in community.
Do you really understand why Kodular has opened this community?
All koders are here to help you.


No, i dont give people my facebook id.
Nobody, this is not because of you, nobody need my fb id, we have a forum here, as vknow360 wrote.

Ask the whole comunity for help, as vknow360 said.
Did you look the videos, which i told you, to get infos, how firebase work.
I believe you didnt do that.

I told you look the videos, search in the forum here and in the other forums also.

Than try on your own.
And than if you tried it, make a post to all people here and show us what you have done (what you tried) and than i know people like me and others will help you.

But as i told, you cannot came in here and ask for a aia. Than as i told you, i cannot send you my project, you ask for all screenshots from the Login screen to the main screen and the chat itself.
I wrote you a link from a members youtube channel where you can find you answers what you need.
But you dont want tp spend time, you want a easy way like copy and paste, to make a chat app with ads to earn money.

If you looked into the channel, you had find some videos for a chat system. Step by step.
But you are lazy.

It looked like as you are too lazy to make some own research.

OK thank u for your suggestion

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La gente quiere que algunos pasemos horas haciendo un trabajo y después se lo demos gratis… o como decimos en mi país “frito y cocido”…

Please , respect the rules here. We have the rule, that we have to write in english. This is the only language which is allowed.
Thank you

People want some of us to spend hours doing a job and then give it to them for free … or as we say in my country “fried and cooked” …


Yes thats true. and they dont wabt to wait.
They want all suddenly.
Give me all your screenshots fro the login Page to the ain page, to the …page.
And than give me your facebook id i need a a few hours personal help, and all for free, you are a Pro Koder, so you have to give mme that i need it, i want to pace a lot of ads in your work and publish it.
I want to mmake money with your work. and you have to help me to generate more money. And as i said, all for free and now.
Not later not tomorror i need and want it now.Because i am too lazy to make mown research.
Why not send e your whole project, ake it finish for publishing and send it me, now, i need some money fro your work.
It does not interests me, if you worked a few days weeks or month on it, i saw it that you have a that what i want and need and so you have to give it to me for free and now.
If you do thata not i will make on your apps bad comments.

That how somme people think.


Yes, that’s exactly how it is …