Select colintree

I can’t select a single type field
ID of the elementindex.
In this way it gives me all the fields but not one

Remove the blue block. Just use getElementindex


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this is how i am using this , i am setting everything in different labels and picture,
blocks - 2020-01-02T105135.059

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The mistake in my opinion here
how can I correct this

Thanks for your help

your list is working or not?

It works but I can’t select
the individual fields to be passed into another form
I have to make a possible query with EXTRA BUTTON

so what you are using to make it work?

Thanks for your help

problem is not in database, problem is in your blocks.

i am using a leader board of mysql database and i am using deep host custom list view .
in leaderboard i showing user name ,Score And Rank And Profile Pic.I have tried to get the User Id When I lick on One element but always mismatch .if i used airtble the i get the different data in different list view .but in mysql i have get the CSV data the create the list view

solved I added this

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blocks (5)

i changed extra button

i think this can be help full . let me try

How to do this work without onclick anywhere