Select Data Form Spreadsheet (Like Vlookup data form Spreadsheet)

Hi the best developer!

Help me in completing my task. in the process I want when in the “Item Code”
fill in the number in the database then all the textboxes are filled automatically when I click “Sumbit”
the logic is almost the same as the vlookup logic in ms.excel.
I really need help from the masters here.

Screen My Apps

I have two logic

Logic 1

Result Logic 1

Logic 2
Code 2

Result Logic 2

Mydata Spreadsheet

You combine all the text box and paste it in browser and make sure you are getting values.

You are trying to get all the details but in your case you want specific row value only.

So use select A,B,C where A= textbox value

I am unable to see what are the column values you are expecting to get so I used only A,B,C. Use it, and in the when web got text you try to catch the response content on any label as it is and then you make sure specifically where and all have to split the cell value. Try like I said then post here if you are facing anything.

Did you give minimum permission that all can viewe the spreadsheet? If not it won’t work

Logic 1 is good, but need to check response content when web get text to know selection to indext of your data (row & column)

Rows and columns cannot be empty…
(See row no 10. Empty string,taff,pcs,4)
and make sure all are in plaintext format.

Also he is calling all the variable and it is no need for his case. He is scanning and getting barcode which contains the item code. So he have to specifically call that Row alone. Thee he is committing mistake.


Thank you for responses. Oke I will try Select A,B,C where A= textbox value
Yeah permission all can view for spreadsheet.

Code 3



Thank you for responses. I Will try for other apps.


Thank you for responses. Done all data no empty and format all data to plaintext format, its works like image upload. Then, how other data can be entered according to the label that has been set?

In web got text don’t use select list item from list ,index… Use one label
Set label text to list from csv table text to response Content

If you are getting then we will check the remaining

In your browser you try this, if it shows value then I assure you r selecting wrong item from the list.<Ur gsheet I'd>/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&gid=<your sheet gid number>&tq=Select A,B,C where A =

Here you replace the sheet id and gid number then item code next to =.


Code 4

Great its works fill label, but all data responses fill all my label.

CSV table from browser

You are using bracket , that is the problem. App will consider it as a one of part of list

Fine, now you use only one select list item from and use index 1 then see what is happening. Like wise 2 then 3. Check one by one

Forget to tell @arief_ifpro … I found the mistake.

Replace the response content with get global csv_list block

It will work fine


Wowww… Done! It’s work…
That’s a very kind of you for helping me. Thank You so much :pray: :pray: :pray:

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So you want anything else ? If yes ask here and if not pla mark solution icon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:grin: Done

Thank you All, this topic close.

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