Select list item: list index is too large

Hello @Techy_Rakshak I request you to please give me suggestions what should i do

I am using dynamic card view and image to fetch data from airtable but this error coming all time
List index is too large
What should I do please tell me

Tagging user is NOT a good thing unless it is necessary.
Posting just a screenshot doesn’t help us understand and solve your problem. So post some screenshots of your blocks to get accurate solution to your problem.
Read this topic before creating a new topic :point_down:


Ok please give me the solution

Try blocks like this ;


I don’t understand

Can u explain a little bit

@ramrajput200021 mean put your whole for each number block below the global stock variable.

The Solution must be marked on @ramrajput200021 's post because he has given you the solution. I just explained little to you.

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