Select list item: List index too large 1 of a list of length 0:() HERE ARE MY .AIA PLEASE

I’ve been trying for a long time to solve the error, my friends.
Here I share my .aia and very grateful for whoever manages to solve it.
Pocket_Jumbo.aia (532.6 KB)

Tell us what your problem is and show the relevant blocks instead of just posting an aia and expecting us to do all the detective work.

But going by your topic title you probably don’t have a list or you have a list with no items in it and are trying to select something which does not exist.

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Excuse me, I think I missed providing more information


When requesting airtable data always give the error message only the first time. Then open the window normally.
there are many blocks, maybe here is the mistake hehe

In your airtable do you have any empty rows or cells? If yes you have to delete them.

There are no empty cells, there I leave the link

I’m trying the aia and I don’t get that problem. This one comes out:

And the NIVEL FERIA tag didn’t work because it had these blocks disabled:

But I don’t get the error you say.

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You should perform a “Do It” on the variable containing the list. If it’s empty, then there’s your problem, find out where that variable is populated and see why the list is not in it.

:joy: thanks brothers !!

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