Select specific item from list in external extension

In some listviews we can use “For each number from” block to select specific items from a list. But this block is not working in some extension.
Ao how can we select specific item from list. Like i recently check this block with Recyclerview extension but not working .

I there any block like “pick rendom iteger from 0 to 100” block ?
I mean any block like select specific item from list with sequence?

Untill you show evidence for your compliance we cannot accept it. For each items in the list will work at any cost. You could use even pick a random item from the list block from list components

Pic a random item is working correctly in Recyclerview extension but it disturbed by text sequence. I want to maintain sequence.

S i r can you make blocks for pic specific item by using recyclerview extension ?

Like “for each item” block also not working in kodular own component “listview” but yeh its working in image listview component of kodular

Show us what have you tried

I am making big app so it take much time to open so i will make a demo app than i will share with you.

that sounds good… expecting the same

Wow i solved my problem after sit 4 hours on the front of computer screen .

Thanks you

Please share your solution so that if anyone has the same problem in future they can refer to this topic.

Ok i will make a demo app on the solution of this topic.

test.aia (84.7 KB)

Now you can select specifc list from your list veriable and show it on recyclerview extension.
You can add lists also from csv file.