Selector de fechas

buenas me pregunto si eiste la forma de cargar una base de datos por fechas, osea utilizar el selector de fechas para cargar una base diaria
necesito de su ayuda comenten porfavor.

Nobody understand you, pls write in english.

Although some members can understand Spanish, the community language is English. Thus, you must write in English to have a better understanding among community members and a faster response to your issue.

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This is the google translation for his post

“good I wonder if there is a way to load a database by dates, I use the date selector to load a daily basis
I need your help please comment.”

My suggestion : put dates as tags for your database.

If you show what you have done it would be easy to help !


Friend, what you want can be done with an SQL command. This command is SELECT FROM yourtable WHERE yourfielddata> = initialvalord and yourfielddata <= finalvalordata
At where :
yourtable is the name of your table;
yourfielddata is the name of the date field that exists in your table;
initialvalord and finalvalordata are variables that take value from some object (textbox, datapicker etc).
Take a look at the SQL commands.

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