Selling a very huge & beautiful app

Hey Koders,
Today you all get surprised with what I am going to show you is A COMPLETE COURIER+FOOD DELIVERY + MEDICINE DELIVERY + PARCEL DELIVERY+ GIFTS DELIVERY app and many more.

This app is made in Kodular after 90 days of hardwork.
With very beautiful UI designs and workings.

(With Admin Panel)

Features :

  1. Real time notifications in both admin and user app.
  2. Paytm Gateway attached.
  3. Sync with airtable and firebase database
  4. Directly send app update notification from admin panel.
  5. Send push notifications from Admin Panel.
  6. Customer get auto-gen customer Id.
  7. And many more…
    ![etwshipping|281x500] (upload://w9YVMFWzhoN0T5hZ8DENhgstaFi.jpeg)
    Some ss are below attached below you can see.
    For AIA FILE contact

Price : Only just 2000 Rs

I want to sell only limited copies so contact soon who needs. :grinning:

I removed your mailadres. Just let users pm you if they are interested.

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I think this is a wrong category for this topic.


Yes. I edited the topic

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I think price is tooooo high​:confused: no one will buy

Ok if u get budget issue i will give u in 1200 Rs or 12 Dollars… As that app is very big and designed with best UI…

Ok friend… I just tag it in discuss… Sorry for that… :blush:

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Why… It is easy for me to get notified!
Why u remove friend…ok let it be… :blush:

Because posting personal details in posts is against community guidelines.

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