Send a Whatsapp message to a NEW number

Hi All

I have the following blocks but cannot for the life of me figure out a way to send a prepared message to a number that is NOT in the contact list.

Just a new Whatsapp conversation with a new message

Any and all help appreciated



One way could be by creating a variable to get the new phone number and placing it in your procedure. Then, using the notifier text picker, asking the user to add the new number and finally calling the procedure after picking that number.

Problem is there are so many numbers it will fill up the phone so I need the numbers - ON THE FLY.

Why you worry, just use activity starter

Set Uri to join (
Set action to android.intent.action.VIEW

If what’s number is valid, then it will landing at WhatsApp message to that particular and you need to press Send or else it will throw an error , no what’s up found…

(It will work fine though you didn’t have that number in your contact list)

Just sample


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