send data between screens (firebase)

i link my screens to firebase , the user will enter his data in text boxes , the data will be sent to fire base in the first screen then the user will move to the next screen , his data must be saved in firebase , also must get his data to screen2 because i need his info-data to make another procedure that need his data , i made this code to link them , but i think it’s not enough to make what i want .


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Create a unique tag for every user & call data from it on other screen
For unique tag you can use their number Or user name etc…

Ideally, if you use firebase, when you change screens you get the value directly from firebase and not with the “get start value”

How are you organizing your Firebase data?

I think the best thing is, as @Alapjeet says, to create a tag for each user and put their data inside.