Send forget password email to verifid email only k


I want to reset password for Authorized email. How to make kind of sys

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Thanks for your information and if you know something pls tell me is this block is sufficient for that kind of thing?

Please Elaborate Question

We are not Magicians To see your project Without blocks Please tell Where You get stuck Then We can help You

Yes This Much blocks are enough


  1. Have You Imported google-services.json without Numbers or space in asset
  2. Are you getting any build error after With Correct name Then Follow this One
    Unable to generate apk because of Firebase, Firebase config file error - #7 by Boban
  3. Also have You enabled Email
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i want to do when click reset password button there appear to insert email and send reset information to user mail but that user should previously authenticated my app.

Thank you!

Hi i got that google-services.json without number to my asset. i created firebase auth and database. but thing is happen when that password reset. it’s success msg going to any typing word on where to insert email i insert actual email but password reset link didn’t sent to there.